Boulakhras affirms Algeria’s commitment to supporting Mauritania in its economic kick-off

The CEO of Sonelgaz, Chaher Boulakhras, affirmed today, Tuesday in Nouakchott (Mauritania), Algeria’s commitment, through Sonelgaz group, to supporting and backing the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in its economic kick-off, stressing his company’s “effective” position in the Algerian economy, allowing it to snatch a leading position at the continental level.

On the second day of the visit, which he started yesterday, Monday, to the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, Mr. Boulakhras chaired a high-level meeting that brought him together with his counterpart in the Mauritanian Electricity Company “Somelec” and a number of key managers in the two energy groups, according to a statement of “Sonelgaz” group.

In his opening speech at the meeting, Mr. Boulakhras affirmed the readiness of Sonelgaz group, with its expertise and experience as a specialized energy operator, and its abundant material and human resources, “to widely open the door to bilateral cooperation based on the (win-win) principle, with the Mauritanian side, underlining the group’s desire that “Algeria becomes an active contributor to the Mauritanian economic kick-off.”

Mr. Boulakhras also highlighted the role of Sonelgaz group as a responsible energy specialist, capable of intervening even at the international level, pointing out that it is “actually planning to achieve remarkable successes in Africa”.

This meeting was followed by workshops attended by specialists, technicians and executives from “Sonelgaz” group in various fields of production, transportation and distribution of electricity, as well as in digitization and engineering, according to the group’s statement.

Sonelgaz complex added that Mr. Boulakhras met at the second station where he stayed today, with the Mauritanian Minister of Transport at the Ministry’s headquarters, where the two parties discussed means of cooperation between the two countries in the field of expanding the transport network.

For his part, the Mauritanian Minister of Transport expressed “the importance that the Mauritanian Republic grants to strengthening its economic partnership with Algeria,” especially with regard to the field of transport, which he considered the basis of any economic partnership, stressing that “the ball today is in the court of the two parties, who must invest in all opportunities for cooperation in various sectors.”.

It is worth noting that the working visit, led by Mr. Boulakhras, accompanied by the CEO of the “Naftal” group, will culminate in the signing of several agreements in the energy field.

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