Brahim Boughali: Algeria, attached to its social character, is determined to release the initiatives

The President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Brahim Boughali indicated, Monday in Algiers, that “Algeria, which remains attached to its social character, is determined to release the potentialities and initiatives to breathe new life into economic development “.

Speaking following the adoption of the bill on the status of the auto-entrepreneur and the bill supplementing the ordinance on the general status of the public service and enshrining the right to leave for the creation of company, Mr. Boughali affirmed that “Algeria which remains attached to its social character and to the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid is the same Algeria which intends to release the potentialities and offer the opportunity to the citizens to contribute to the civilizational edifice to breathe new life into economic development”.

For Mr. Boughali “the adoption of these two bills is a new milestone in the national legislative system allowing everyone to contribute to the national economy, reduce the unemployment rate and tighten the noose around of the black market to integrate it into the formal circuit, which will thus lead to the widening of the field of tax recovery”.

The text of the law has set the duration of the unpaid leave at one (1) year renewable only once for a period of six (6) months, granted only once during the professional career during which the employment relationship is temporarily suspended, as well as the salary of this worker who nevertheless continues to benefit from social security coverage, in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force in this area.

The draft law defines the auto-entrepreneur as “any natural person who practices a gainful individual activity included in the list of activities eligible to benefit from the status of auto-entrepreneur and whose annual turnover does not exceed the threshold set by the legislation in force”.

The text excludes, however, from its scope “the liberal professions, regulated activities and craftsmen”.

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