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Cannabis farming: Moroccan government covers its economic failure by “legalizing drugs”

Moroccan government covers its economic deficit, caused by both Coronavirus pandemic and the Second Sahara War, by “legalizing drugs”. Arguments are to help poor farmers and improving their income in the Rif Mountains, north of the Kingdom of Morocco, where the population suffers a severe economic and social crisis, deepened by the Corona pandemic and the closure of the Algerian-Moroccan borders

The crisis worsened due to raging war between Moroccan occupation regime and Polisario Front on the just cause of Western Sahara, the last African colony, which seeks, based on a firm belief, that what was taken by force can only be regained by force, after following a peaceful path solution for over three decades.

In order to cover internal and external failing performances of Makhzen regime, as well as to appease socio-economic anger, Moroccan government is trying to legalize farming, export and sale of cannabis, in a move that aims, according to observers, to silence voices calling for a decent life in the country.

Reports indicated that what is prohibited by law may soon become legal in Morocco; as Moroccan Minister of Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, presented a bill to Parliament to legalize farming cannabis plant from which “Hashish” is extracted.

Morocco plans to allow the farming, export and domestic sale of cannabis, arguing on the ground of medical and industrial use, and also to help impoverished farmers in the Rif Mountains, Government said on Thursday

Observers believe that such a move comes in a framework that is distinguished by social unrest, especially in northern parts of Morocco, which, in recent years, have seen intense social protests and increasing demands for a decent life.

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