CEO of Sonelgaz participates in Conference of African Regional Energy Pools

The CEO of Sonelgaz, Chaher Boulakhras, participated today, Tuesday, in the Senegalese city of Saly, in the work of the African Regional Energy Clusters Conference, according to a communiqué of the group.

Boulakhrass opened the conference in his capacity as head of the Maghreb Electricity Committee “Comillac”, accompanied by the director of the Senegalese Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Issa Dion, according to the same source.

In his intervention during the activities of this forum, which is held under the title: “The Platform for Monitoring the Performance of African Electricity Companies”, the Director General considered this event as an “event of paramount importance”, noting that “the energy sector at the national regional and continental levels is going through profound changes, in terms of supply security, various energy sources, the emergence of renewable energies, environmental protection and others.

He went on to say that these profound changes “strongly urge us to further enhance cooperation and solidarity among member companies, by facilitating technology transfer, skills and mutual cooperation when necessary,” added the same source.

In this context, the CEO of Sonelgaz highlighted the Algerian skill, experience and expertise in the energy sector, considering that the recent gas discoveries in many African countries are “an opportunity to develop the continent, create job opportunities and enable Africans to access energy.”

The CEO of Sonelgaz concluded his intervention by saying: “We firmly believe in partnership and cooperation in a win-win formula, which is to create wealth locally and develop knowledge and skills of human resources for African electricity companies.”

It should be noted that the Conference of African Regional Energy Pools has been held since November 25, 2005, in coordination with the Association of African Electricity Companies, through the Declaration of Cooperation signed in Lusaka, Zambia.

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