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CHANEGRIHA calls for national unity consolidation to face implications of deteriorating regional security

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Lieutenant General CHANEGRIHA, stressed today, Wednesday, that everyone must participate at national unity consolidation to confront the possible fallouts on the country’s stability as a result of the deteriorating regional security situation and the “malicious and frequent” attempts to strike social cohesion.

The Ministry of National Defense press release stated that Lieutenant General CHANEGRIHA stressed during the opening of the National Forum Works on “New Generation Warfare: Challenges and Methods of Confrontation” that “the potential fallouts on the security and stability of our country, due to the deterioration of the security situation in our regional surroundings, in addition to the malicious and frequent attempts to strike social cohesion requires us today, more than ever, to strengthen our national unity, to strengthen our cohesion, and to consolidate our internal front”.

Lieutenant General CHANEGRIHA added that this “is of utmost necessity to confront all threats on one hand, and on the other hand to work to win various developmental, social and economic stakes launched by the country, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, Abdelmajid Tebboune, in order to achieve prosperity and to provide decent living conditions for citizens of our proud people.

The Chief of Staff of People’s National Army went on to stress that national defense is a “sacred duty and a collective responsibility that must be taken by individuals, groups and institutions, by making the country’s supreme interests our most important goals”.

In this context, he said: “Yes, maturity and political awareness that characterizes the Algerian people has allowed them to confront and abort malicious plans in the recent past.” However, this “should not, in any case, constitute an end in itself, it must remain a reliable means for the continuous strengthening of vigilance, patriotism and awareness of what is going around our country and a preparation to face all possibilities and scenarios.

He also added that achieving this goal also passes through “strengthening the national front as a blockade against all malicious campaigns that try in vain to target our national unity, sovereignty and stability.” Algeria has always been secure, stable, strong and majestic. ”

On the other hand, CHANEGRIHA spoke on the characteristics of “new generation warfare” that “target societies”.

In this regard, he pointed out that these wars, which some call “hybrid wars,” are wars that have their own style, as they are based on “propaganda and counter-propaganda, by adopting a strategy of influencing the collective perception with the aim of manipulating target country public opinion and directing their behavior and pattern of thinking, without declaring itself, and without having a clear title or an overt influence”.

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