Construction work of two Algeria-Mauritania border posts start in Tindouf

The construction work of two Algeria-Mauritania land border posts were launched Wednesday at the PK-75 kilometer point in the territory of the province of Tindouf.

The two projects, whose construction work has been entrusted to the National Company for Public Works (SNTP) with a deadline of 24 months, extend over nearly 10 hectares that will house the facilities of the two posts.

In a statement to the press, the Governor of Tindouf, Youcef Mahiout said the two border posts are part of major development operations scheduled in the province to boost the local economic activity and contribute to the country’s economic development.

The land border crossing Shaheed Mustapha Benboulaid, currently operational and designed in prefabricated building, does not meet the expectations of both countries, said Mahiout, calling to reduce deadlines and accelerate the pace of the new project.

This project will also encourage economic operators to export their products to West African countries.

More than a hundred Algerian and foreign economic operators attended the last edition of “Mouggar” International Fair, hence the importance of the new border posts that will provide businessmen with the necessary conditions for export.

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