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Earthquake in Turkey: Algeria sends 89 specialised civil protection agents

In a show of international solidarity, the Minister of the Interior, Local Communities, and Territorial Planning, Brahim Merad, announced on Monday that the first group of 89 specialized civil protection agents have been dispatched to Turkey, at the direction of President of Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to help in rescue and relief operations following a devastating earthquake that struck the country.

The minister emphasized the strong commitment of the Algerian state to international cooperation and assistance, particularly in the face of natural disasters. He highlighted the personal attention given to this operation by the President of the Republic, who is closely monitoring the situation.

Merad praised the effective and swift response of the General Directorate of Civil Protection, acknowledging the competence and professionalism of its personnel. He also announced that another team of civil protection agents will be sent to Syria to assist with the rescue and relief efforts in the wake of a similar earthquake in that country.

This outpouring of support from Algeria demonstrates the country’s commitment to helping its neighbors in times of need and upholding the principles of international cooperation and humanitarian aid.

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