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Extreme anger of education workers in Morocco because of unfairness and procrastination they still suffer from

Many groups in the education sector in Morocco still express their anger at the injustice they suffer from and call to protest against the dire conditions, at a time when the sectoral dialogue between the Ministry of Education and the five most representative unions is failing to respond to the most basic demands of workers in this sector.

In this context, the National Committee of Temporary Teachers wrote to the first official in charge of the sector in Morocco to complain about the injustice that affects their demands, and to ask for a solution, despite the fact that this category is considered one of the most groups in the sector whose rights have been violated at all levels, especially the 2007 group.

The letter underlined that the pension of the employees of this category does not exceed 1,345 dirhams (125 euros) per month because the ministry did not calculate their years of work in retirement, which consequently affected their promotion in ranks.

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