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Former President Liamine Zeroual sends message on 60th anniversary of independence occasion

The former President of the Republic, Mr. Liamine Zeroual, sent a message to the Algerian people on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty.

The full text of which is the following:

“The Sixtieth Anniversary of Independence: The Duty of Memory and Loyalty There are milestones in history that challenge the conscience of the nation, and cannot be overlooked or forgotten. The Algerian people have proven in many instances, throughout their ancient and present history, that they are bold in their faith, their connection to their cultural roots, and their adherence to their soil, which they freed thanks to their massive sacrifices.

As we are about to celebrate our 60th Anniversary of Independence, we are filled with a sense of glory, pride and honor of belonging to this great nation. In the wake of its liberation, this country was able to build a state that is proud of its sovereignty, concerned by the many needs of its people, who emerged from a long night of colonialism, in solidarity with just causes, and committed to peoples yearning for peace and freedom all over the world.

So far, all the aspirations of our people have not been fulfilled, as massive violations were recorded in previous years. Nevertheless, November flame and its spirit have remained firmly rooted in the collective memory of Algerian women and men.

This precious asset has strengthened, in every adversity, the steadfast unity of our people, and their determination to correct dangerous transgressions and mitigate their consequences. Today, more than ever, our country urgently needs the solidarity and commitment of its people to eradicate the harmful behaviors of the past and complete the edification of a modern state worthy of the sacrifices of our martyrs, capable of facing up to the multiple threats and challenges of the twenty-first century. These goals and demands were expressed publicly on February 22, 2019, through a peaceful and spontaneous demonstration of tens of millions of citizens.

This peaceful demonstration, like November Revolution, won a lot of respect and admiration all over the world. It was the work of young people thirsty for freedom and closely linked to the ideals of November.

This great popular demonstration was able to put an end to the dangerous turmoil at that moment, and was able, above all, to restore hope to each of us that the glorious dream of our martyrs could be implemented on the ground. As we all know, the qualitative leaps made by our people have always been proven in the most difficult moments of our history. The success of our war and struggle against terrorism for years and by our own means continues to be admired and appreciated by the world.

More recently, and to this day, our people are bravely facing an pandemic that has shaken the world and challenged many countries.

Accordingly, Algerian people is aware more than ever of the magnitude of the challenges and threats that await them and are aware of the ways to defend the homeland from these dangers, after they gained maturity from the tests and experiences of the past. The defense of the nation is first of all the adherence of all Algerians around common goals.

It also implies the involvement of all our institutions in the preservation of the sacred November flame, especially among our youth, as well as the duty of memory and loyalty.

Likewise, the unique ties that have always existed between the Algerian people and their army must be preserved and strengthened at all times and in a permanent manner. The People’s National Army has been the worthy heir of the glorious National Liberation Army, always at the crossroads and at the exclusive service of its people. On a daily basis, it continues to successfully fulfill its constitutional obligations, while actively contributing to the reviving of our country’s economy.

The Algerian people remain ready to face these challenges, and are convinced that, thanks to their unity and determination, they will manage to break with the harmful behaviors of the past, by giving our country a new impetus that will give hope.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs.

Long live Algeria

Liamine Zeroual.

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