GETEX Holding to export its products to Chad

The textile and leather industrial holding “GETEX” is about to launch the export of its products to Chad, under an agreement recently signed between this group and a Chadian partner, Abdelkader Hamedi Mansour, assistant to the CEO of the holding, has said.

“A detailed contract on the needs of this partner is expected to be signed very soon, before starting export operations,” Hamedi Mansour said on the sidelines of the 2nd Algerian Investment and International Trade Fair, which is being held at the Oran Convention Centre until 19 January.

The first export operations will include complete uniforms for security guards produced by the GETEX holding company, the same source said, recalling that the group offers a wide range of products, from textiles and clothing, to hosiery and leather, including leather goods and shoes.

The holding aims to regain its position on the national market on the one hand and to make a place for itself on foreign markets, particularly those of Africa, Mr. Hamedi Mansour stressed, recalling that the State promotes and supports this approach which is part of its policy to diversify national production, reduce the import bill and increase the volume of non-hydrocarbon exports.

To meet these objectives, the holding company relies on training, ‘the only guarantee of quality production’, explains the same manager. In this context, he recalled that “GETEX has an exclusive contract with the Algerian-Turkish company Tayal, specialising in textiles, for the training of staff which affects all categories of personnel, from security agents to senior executives”.

These training programmes focus in particular on model making, styling, design and creation, he said.

GETEX has also signed an agreement with the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene of Algiers, for the creation of a module on textiles, with the prospect of recruiting students who will be trained there.

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