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Ghouini: President of the Republic has a strong will to address the various imbalances at all levels

President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, received today Sunday at the presidency of the republic, the president of national movement party El Islah, Filali Ghouini.

Following the meeting, Ghouini made a statement to the press, confirming that “the President of the Republic has a strong will to address the various imbalances that exist at all levels.” He also praised the “great awareness” of the president of the republic of all files, which, according to him, brings “’relief and satisfaction.”

After listening to the President of the Republic vision on the country’s overall circumstances, Ghouini affirmed to Algerians that “The President is aware of all the successes and achievements and ongoing files and also he is aware about matters that didn’t go as they should”, adding: “We felt that these matters will be addressed soon, and this is what we, and all citizens, are expecting”

The party leader stated that “Elections law (draft) was discussed as it is the key leading to the renewal of the elected councils, especially National People’s Assembly.”, adding: “We have presented to the President of the Republic our desire and hope that People’s National Assembly would have an indisputable representation, credibility and popular power in order to carry out its duties.”

Ghouini discussed with the President of the Republic “some other points related to social affairs, especially those related to examining and addressing many points that impact citizens’ living standards”

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