Government meeting: Completion of study of all implementation texts of hydrocarbons law

Minister of Energy and Mines, during today government meeting, presented four projects of executive decrees.

The first relates to the method of calculating and liquidating the assignment right applicable to upstream activities.

The assignment right is paid to the tax administration by the contracting partner concerned with the assignment.

As for the second decree, it deals with the rules and conditions for practicing the activities of refining and converting hydrocarbons.

As licensing is an indispensable control tool, it is essential that the development of the downstream sector goes through the definition and establishment of licensing procedures, allowing for better transparency with a proper monitoring process.

With regard to the third decree, it stipulates procedures for monitoring and following up the works of completion and exploitation of the pipeline system.

Here, the fuel control authority is responsible for ensuring that the applied technical regulation is respected.

Finally, a fourth decree relating to the requirements that must be met by the design and manufacture of works for the completion and exploitation of pipelines and storage capacities of fuels and petroleum products.

By issuing these executive decrees, the government will have fulfilled all legal controls and mechanisms to fully activate the hydrocarbons law.

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