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Government meeting: examining files related to sectors of agriculture, trade and national solidarity

Prime Minister, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, chaired, today, Wednesday, at the Government Palace, a government meeting devoted to examining files related to the sectors of agriculture and rural development, trade and export promotion, as well as national solidarity, family and women’s issues, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s services.

During its weekly meeting, the government considered the following points:

In the field of agriculture and rural development:

A presentation was made by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the status of research centers and technical institutes affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture. It is worth mentioning that the agricultural sector has two (02) research institutes, namely: (1) The Algerian National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRAA) (2) The National Institute for Forestry Research (INRF), six (06) national institutes and centers, and five (05) technical institutes.

In this context, the presentation focused on the ways and means that should be mobilized to improve the functioning of all research centers affiliated with this ministerial department, in a way that allows them to get integrated within an economic vision, especially through research and development work and focus its role on the current challenges which consist of intensifying applied research and revive the gene bank in order to preserve genetic resources and promote the production of local seeds to meet the needs of farmers in this field, and it is also about strengthening the national capacities for the production of milk and red meat by reorganizing the National Center for Artificial Insemination and Breed Improvement.

The process that will be developed mainly aims at adapting and organizing the basic laws of these institutes through rationalizing the existing means and their joint exploitation and subjecting them to an accurate strategy in the field of research with defining objectives and indicators in numbers, and the new strategy of these centers will enable them to contribute effectively to the food security of the country.

In the field of trade and export promotion:

The Minister of the Sector made a presentation regarding how to handle the decisions taken by the President of the Republic during the cabinet meeting held on April 10, 2022, related to raising the profit margins of the various stakeholders in the production, distribution and marketing of pasteurized milk packed in bags, while maintaining the sale price destined to the consumer at 25 dinars per liter. The methods of implementing the new map for the distribution of milk powder and subsidized milk were also examined in order to improve the supply of this substance to all municipalities of the country.

Finally, in the field of national solidarity, family and women’s issues:

A presentation was made on the annual report on the situation of elderly persons in Algeria, in accordance with the provisions of Article 38 of Law No. 10-12 of December 29, 2010, relating to the protection of elderly persons. This report referred to the most important progress made by our country in the field of strengthening the principle of protection Legal and social rights for the elderly, which are: free healthcare, the right to education, training and social security, as well as the participation of elderly people in economic activities and their contribution to sustainable development.

Moreover, this report proposes a number of recommendations in order to better address the needs of this special segment of the population in a way that guarantees them better social and legal protection.

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