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Government meeting: Prime Minister stresses the importance of dialogue to promote social peace

Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, stressed, today, Wednesday, while presiding over the government meeting held via videoconference, the importance of dialogue adopted by the government in dealing with various social partners, in order to promote social peace, which remains a condition for achieving the desired economic growth, according to a statement of the Prime Minister’s services.

The Prime Minister affirmed that, despite the difficult economic and financial conditions that the country is going through, especially due to the repercussions of the global health crisis and its negative impact on the performance of the national economy, the public authorities are keen to improve the professional, material and social conditions of workers in various sectors, the statement adds.

Mr. Djerad stressed that this difficult circumstance that “affected our country like the rest of the world, did not prevent the President of the Republic from moving forward in the fulfillment of his commitments and promises towards this group, especially through the decision of raising the guaranteed minimum national wage to 20,000 DZD and exempting the wages below 30,000 DZD from taxes. It’s worth noting that more than six million workers benefited from those measures.

He added that “Despite these efforts, there has been an increase in trade union claims recently, backed sometimes by certain unauthorized trade union organizations, by making demands, they know for fact, that they are unattainable, highlighting the neglect that many sectors have suffered for more than 15 year.”

Prime Minister Mr. Abdelaziz Djerad underlined that “most of the problems and difficulties required to be addressed as part of these claims have already been tackled by the President of the Republic during his various statements and interviews with the media, and he has committed himself to working to find appropriate solutions to them. Indeed, most of them are included in the commitments he pledged to fulfill upon his election. ”

He added that “The exercise of trade union freedoms is a constitutional and guaranteed right, but it’s excessive and arbitrary exploitation will only be counterproductive. The insistence on following this exaggerated approach can only show that it serves clear goals, even if they are not declared, aimed at disturbing the climate of change that the public authorities have initiated, especially by installing new institutions as part of the project of building a new Algeria in which every citizen enjoys the appropriate conditions to carry out their duties and enjoy their rights.

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