Hakar calls for social dialogue within Sonatrach group, in order to achieve the established goals

The CEO of Sonatrach group, Toufik Hakar called yesterday, Saturday, in a message on the occasion of International Worker’s’ Day, for permanent social dialogue between management and employees in order to achieve the goals set by the group.

In this message, Hakar stressed that “relying on permanent social dialogue and the desire to continuously improve the professional and social gains of workers, will allow us to maintain an atmosphere of serenity and cooperation, which contributes to strengthening relations between management and employees and we can all focus on the same goal and work together to improve growth indicators to achieve the balanced development of Sonatrach ”.

He added that “this constructive dynamic, in which all participate, is undoubtedly the best way to preserve our gains, and it is a common achievement that we must all value, invest on and benefit from in order to achieve the established goals of our company.”

Hakar pointed out, in this context, that Sonatrach has, since its inception, worked continuously to modernize its systems and improve its social services for the benefit of its workers and employees, to whom it provided adequate working conditions at the level of all its sites in the north as well as in the south.”

He stressed that “Sonatrach has put the management of its human resources at the top of the strategic axes of development,” noting that it has developed, with its social partner, an integrated set of procedures and measures, notably specialized committees for workers, which undertake examining, studying and updating the regulatory provisions that require review, to preserve workers’ rights and their professional and social gains.

The CEO of the group considered that “the celebration of International Workers’ Day is mainly a tribute to all pioneers of labor struggle who committed themselves and fought to restore workers ‘rights, relying in that on permanent dialogue and constructive consultation to preserve workers’ rights and gains.”

He also mentioned that Sonatrach is currently working on implementing a series of structural projects, in particular a project to modernize human resources management systems and an integrated information system, which “will allow us to move to a higher level in managing our various practical and procedural tools that will have a positive impact on work relations at the structural level in our group.

There are multiple innovations and decisive changes, Mr. Hakar went on to say, likely to “raise the effectiveness and profitability of our work, with the aim of achieving professionalism among our workers, each in their field of specialization and from their workplace and adapting project management methods and managing human resources”.

He added that “this qualitative and decisive change we are working on implementing in order to tangibly improve and upgrade the management of Sonatrach, which allows providing all the capabilities and means necessary for our workers, to achieve the appropriate conditions for career development and operational efficiency in performing their tasks.”

“The work environment in the group will gradually be defined by fundamental transformations that will allow Sonatrach to catch up with sustainability and efficiency.” Underlining that this is capable of establishing good governance at all levels and enshrining the dynamic of development on the long term” the CEO added.

Thanks to the mobilization of all, “the prospects appear promising and depend mainly on the willingness of each of us to participate and commit to this process of change, so that Sonatrach can continue to develop and prosper.”

The first official in Sonatrach also stressed that “our future depends exclusively on our ability to overcome the current challenges in our sector, which are good governance, the modernization of processes and methods of management, the improvement of administrative procedures, the rationalization of expenditures, the shortening of the time of achievement and the professionalization of our human resources.”

Meanwhile, Hakar called on the workers of the group to be vigilant and cautious about the development of the Covid 19 pandemic, given that the recent figures “are not at all reassuring, and clearly indicate that the trend of the infected cases is on the rise in the short term, and this is mainly due to the lack of rigor and the non-compliance with preventive measures in our country, especially the correct wearing of protective masks, which, according to all specialists, remains the best protection against the risks of infection with the Coronavirus and its new and more dangerous mutated variants.

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