Institut Pasteur: Omicron variant reaches 93 percent of total variants prevalent in Algeria

The reference laboratory of the Pasteur Institute in Algeria confirmed, today, Sunday, in a statement, that the cases of infection with the “Omicron” variant reached 93 percent of the total Covid-19 variants spread in Algeria, compared to 7 percent for the “delta” variant.

The statement indicated that “in the context of genetic sequence analyzes carried out by the Institute’s reference laboratory in Algeria to detect the various mutated strains of SARS-CoV2, it was recorded that until January 28, the curve of the number of cases of the Omicron variant continued to rise in Algeria, as was expected, as it represents 93% of the total spread variants, compared to 7% for the delta variable, which represents in particular the cases registered at the level of recovery srervices.”

The Institute added that “57 percent represent the recorded cases of the omicron variant of the BA.2 sub-strain and 43% of the sub-strain BA.1, which had begun to spread,” recalling that “three sub-strains of the omicron variant have appeared so far at the level of several countries, namely Strain BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3, more details will be announced in the coming days.”

The Pasteur Institute believes that “the importance of returning to a large percentage of vaccination against Covid-19 and strict adherence to preventive health measures such as wearing a protective mask, physical distancing and frequent washing of hands, remains necessary in order to confront the increase in recorded cases.”

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