International Labor Organization appreciates Algeria’s efforts to promote micro-enterprises and entrepreneurship

A workshop was organized Today, Thursday, March 10, 2022 regarding the study that was prepared on the encouraging ecosystem for micro-enterprises in Algeria, within the framework of the partnership that brings together the services of the Minister delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of micro-enterprises and the ILO office in Algeria. The reforms recently undertaken by the Algerian government in the field of micro-enterprises and entrepreneurship, such as the unification of support agencies under the tutelage of the Ministry delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of micro-enterprises, in addition to the importance of other administrative and financial reforms known to the sector, which directly contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals in which Algeria has made qualitative progress.

A set of recommendations were also addressed by ILO experts, which would implement these reforms and make them more effective, through an ecosystem that encourages the activity of micro-enterprises and the culture of entrepreneurship, away from the challenges faced by project holders.

The two parties also discussed the nature of the support and accompaniment provided by the ILO office in Algeria to the micro-enterprise sector, and a set of future projects in many areas that will be implemented in the future.

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