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Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha: Inspired by Revolution of November, Algerian people’s positions are immutable and unshakeable

Chief of the Army Staff, Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, in his address during the inauguration of a national symposium held under the slogan “Memory and national Unity”, said that Algerian people’s positions, “inspired by the Glorious Revolution of November, are immutable and unshakeable,” adding that the Algerian people is “determined never to deviate from these commitments,” a ministry of National Defence said Wednesday in a statement.

Chief of the Army Staff addressed the symposium’s attendees saying: “We have decided to organize this symposium, under the title: “Memory and National Unity “, with the aim of dealing with the national heritage, which was produced by the genius of previous generations, in various fields, and what was approved by the successive societies who lived on this geographical space, From the norms and customs, and the positive repercussions of this heritage on national unity, land and people.

The same statement indicated that the symposium was attended by Ministers of Communication, National Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Culture and Arts, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Mujahideen.

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