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Lifting social distancing measures during prayer

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments decided to lift the procedures for distancing during prayer and return to the “normal prayer body”, in view of the “remarkable improvement” in the health situation related to the Coronavirus in Algeria.

The Ministry stated in a press release issued today, Tuesday, that “in view of the remarkable improvement in the health situation related to the Coronavirus, and following the consultative coordination meeting with the Scientific Committee for Follow-up and Monitoring of the Coronavirus, the Ministerial Fatwa Committee calls for easing the preventive measures related to mosques, in order to adapt to health developments and to maintain The required amount of precautions that are commensurate with the current situation.”

The ministry indicated that “it’s still possible to go back to the application of all preventive health measures if other developments occurred in the epidemiological situation.”

It was also decided to open women’s prayer spaces and mosque libraries, and to resume weekly lessons, educational seminars, and the scientific and educational activity of religious guides and professors of Quranic education, with “the imams continuing to reduce the duration of prayers, sermons and lessons.”

The Fatwa Committee stressed the need to “continue to take some preventive measures, such as using a protective mask and ensuring hygiene and sterilization,” noting that the virus “still exists and the precaution is necessary.”

On the other hand, the committee called for the use of the vaccine against the Coronavirus in order to make “more achievements in the health situation and reach collective immunity” with “vigilance and a spirit of solidarity among members of society, in cooperation with the competent authorities responsible for the health situation.”

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