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Major-General Chanegriha supervises graduation ceremony of 14th batch of Military High School

Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Major-General Saïd Chanegriha, supervised, on Thursday at the Military High School, the graduation ceremony of the fourteenth batch of the Military Postgraduate Course, according to a communiqué of the Ministry of National Defense.

The same source explained that after being received by the Commander of the First Military Region, Major General Ali Sedan and the school director, Major General Noureddine Kheloui, Major-General Chanegriha listened to a presentation on the graduating class presented by the school principal.

After that, the Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army delivered a speech in front of the executives and the officers, in which he stressed that “the current international context, as you know, is merciless towards the weak, and our country’s regional and international position, as a pivotal country par excellence, and its vital strategic location, in addition to the difficult circumstances it is witnessing,  are all factors that require us, more than ever, to continue to work hard to build a modern, professional army, with high efficiency, solid determination, and a clear military doctrine.”

He added that this doctrine should be “inspired by our fixed values ​​and our long-standing national components, adapted to the current developments regionally and internationally, an army capable of facing current challenges and winning future bets, which is the supreme goal that we set, under the directives of the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Minister of National Defense, and we are working to embody it on the field with solid determination and an unrelenting will.”

He addressed the executives and the officers by saying: “The qualitative training that you received, we wanted it to serve as a serious and effective accompaniment and alignment with the major steps taken by the People’s National Army, at all levels and fields, especially in light of the security conditions known to our near and even distant surroundings, with all that it represents from challenges and threats that deserve from us as soldiers that we give them the necessary importance and prepare for all possibilities, to ensure the failure of all hostile schemes, which are being hatched in secret and in public, against the security and stability of Algeria by the enemies of yesterday and today.”

Subsequently, a film on the outcome of the activities of the academic year 2020-2021, was screened, announcing the results, handing over certificates, and naming the batch in the name of the martyr “Abdallah Barbar”.

Before the end of the ceremony, a representative of the graduating officers gave a speech on the occasion.

After that, Major General, Chanegriha, moved to the Education Department, where he learned of various teaching halls and modern pedagogical methods owned by the school.

At the conclusion of the graduation ceremony, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army honored the family of the martyr whose name the graduating class bore and signed the school’s golden record.

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