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Major General Chanegriha supervises the execution of a tactical maneuver with live ammunitions in Tamanrasset

Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, Major General Saïd Chanegriha, supervised today, Friday, in Tamanrasset, the execution of a tactical maneuver with live ammunitions, called “Tiririne Challenge 2021,” stressing at the end of the drill that “developing combat experience and consolidating knowledge and capabilities are operational goals that can only be achieved through field work, i.e conducting drills successfully”.

A Ministry of National Defense press release stated that, as part of his second day visit to the sixth military region in Tamanrasset, Major General Chanegriha supervised the execution of a tactical drill with live ammunition, called “Tiririne Challenge 2021,” at the end of which he emphasized that “developing combat drill and consolidating knowledge capabilities are operational goals that can only be achieved through field work, that is, successfully conducting exercises”.

On that basis, “the theoretical knowledge and scientific and specialized skills taught in schools, colleges and multi-level military institutes remain insufficient if they do not prove their practical benefits on the ground,” as the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army emphasized in his meeting with the members of the units executing the maneuver.

In this context, the Major General congratulated the personnel of these units for the efforts deployed during the preparation and execution of this tactical drill with live ammunitions, which “achieved very satisfactory results as proved by the accuracy of shooting with various weapons.”

At the outset, Major General Changriha followed a presentation about the tactical maneuver, its stages of execution, and the objectives to be achieved through it.

In the shooting range of In Guezzam operational sector, along with Major General Mohamed Adjroud, commander of the Sixth Military Region, the Major General closely followed the combat actions carried out by the involved units from various ground and air forces and air defense of the region, preceded by reconnaissance aircrafts, including drones, which are actions carried out “with a lot of professionalism at all stages and at a high tactical and operational levels that reflect the seriousness of the work carried out, both at the planning or the execution levels.”

The level of execution of the aforementioned exercise also reflects “the high efficiency of the executives in the setting-up and management fields of various combat actions and the skill and ability of individuals to control the use of various weapon systems and equipment available, which contributed to the achievement of the set objectives,” added the press release.

It’s worth noting that this tactical drill, carried out with live ammunitions, aims to “test the combat readiness of the sector units, as well as train commanders and staff to conduct operations and develop their knowledge in planning, preparation, organization and execution, placing them in a real battle environment.”

After the end of the drill, the Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army inspected the field hospital that was deployed on the occasion and which is equipped with all the necessary material required for such a situation, including rooms to perform complicated surgeries, and then proceeded to the inspection of the operational sector units of In Guezzam and the rest of the formations participating in this exercise.

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