Mining: Cross-sectoral coordination meeting on Gara Djebilet and phosphate

Minister of Energy and Mining Mohamed Arkab chaired Monday a coordination meeting with departments concerned by the iron mining project of Gara Djebilet (Tindouf) and phosphate processing project in the country’s west, according to a ministerial statement.

The meeting was attended by Ministers of Public Works, Transport, Fisheries Resources and Energy Transition, respectively Kamel Nasri, Aïssa Bekaï, Karim Hasni and Benatou Ziane, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Brahim Djamel Kassali and executives from different sectors.

This meeting is a materialization of the roadmap drawn up under the national strategy for the development and enhancement of mineral resources and in implementation of the national program of major structural projects aimed at reviving the mining sector, in execution of the instructions of the President of the Republic, notes the same source.

During the meeting, the focus was on two flagship projects, namely that of the development of the iron mine of Gara Djebilet (Tindouf), and the integrated project of exploitation and processing of phosphate in Tebessa, Souk Ahras, Annaba and Skikda.

On this occasion, Mr. Arkab gave a detailed presentation on the two projects to implement a national multisectoral plan to achieve a “better coordination” between all actors to work on the creation of new projects and build the infrastructure related to the two projects such as energy supply, road network, railroads, water resources, financial supply and all the necessary structures to ensure the success of these important projects through the involvement of a large number of national companies from different ministerial sectors in partnership with foreign companies.

The ministers expressed, in addition, “the willingness of their departments to accompany the sector of Energy and Mines to achieve these projects on the ground,” concluded the source.

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