Minister of Health meets with members of the National Association of Algerian Pharmacists

Minister of Health, Mr. Abderrahmane Benbouzid, received yesterday, Sunday at the Ministry’s headquarters, members of the National Association of Algerian Pharmacists (ANPHA), headed by Mr. Tabinet Moadh, and in the presence of executives from the central administration.

The meeting was an opportunity for the two parties to review the epidemiological situation that Algeria is experiencing in light of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, where the association praised the way the Ministry of Health, headed by the first official in the sector, Professor Abderrahmane Benbouzid, dealt with the various waves of the Covid-19 virus that were recorded, which The Minister of Health confirmed that it came in light of the coordinated vision on which the Scientific Committee to monitor and follow up on the Coronavirus relied in its work.

The extended meeting was an opportunity for the National Association of Algerian Pharmacists to present its goals and priorities, which revolve mainly around the development of the pharmacy profession.

In this context, the members of the association welcomed their official participation in the national sessions of health to be held before the end of December 2021, noting their participation in the workshops of the regional sessions that were held and not being limited to the workshop on drug management and pharmaceutical activity.

The meeting also touched on many issues, including the need to develop the pharmacy profession with a multidisciplinary scientific perspective, the need to develop hospital pharmacy, and the need for cooperation to promote pharmaceutical activity through field-based and continuous training of quality.

The meeting also dealt with a presentation of a field investigation conducted by the National Association of Algerian Pharmacists on the most prominent problems faced by pharmacists, especially those related to the issue of opening accreditation and transferring private pharmacies.

For his part, the Minister welcomed the work of the association, which includes more than 3,000 participants, expressing his hope that it will expand further in the future. He also stressed the need to promote and strengthen dialogue and work with social partners and civil society.

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