Minister of Industry: Necessity to find legal solutions to the obstacles that prevent exploitation of industrial land.

Minister of Industry Mohamed Bacha said today, Monday afternoon, that “the obstacles preventing the exploitation of industrial lands available in some industrial areas must be addressed by proposing effective legal solutions to promote productive investment.”

During his visit to the industrial zone of Berahal, within the framework of a working visit to Annaba province, and regarding the legal aspect of the expansion of this industrial zone, the minister explained that the legal complexities of this industrial zone (expansion), which is 367 hectares, require solutions within a legal framework that will allow lifting obstacles and enables re-exploitation of this important industrial lands”.

The Minister of Industry added that the promotion of investment “requires concerted efforts of all parties in order to lift the obstacles and provide the conditions for the success of the investment”, referring in this regard to the industrial zone of Berahal (expansion) in order to find the necessary support to provide the conditions for the legal and effective exploitation of this industrial zone.

The industrial zone of Berahal (expansion) includes three (3) important land divisions, a 167-hectare division was intended for investment in iron production activity on which there is currently a legal problem due to a seizure decision issued by judicial authorities.

According to Annaba’s Director of Industry presentation, this project equipment estimated at $ 80 million, have been received. The presentation included technical aspects linked to lands segmentation allocation dedicated to industrial investments in this region.

The Minister of Industry, accompanied by the Deputy Minister in charge of micro-enterprises, Nassim Diafet, paid a visit to an exhibition of micro-enterprises operating in the wilaya of Annaba.

On the same occasion, the Minister was briefed on the potential of young people in investment in some activities related to industrial handling, and he called on young contractors to rely on digitization to upgrade and develop their activities.

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