Minister of Trade: $1.1 billion in non-hydrocarbon exports achieved in western provinces of the country

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig, highlighted in Tlemcen that the economic operators in the West of the country have achieved $1.1 billion in non-hydrocarbon exports since the beginning of this year.

During the inauguration of a regional exhibition on export organized under the slogan “Export: prospects and challenges”, Rezig announced that his ministerial department has begun to implement several operational and coordination measures with various actors in order to contribute to raising the value of exports outside hydrocarbons, whose value at the national level is expected to range between 4.5 1.5 billion dollars by the end of this year.

He said, “Based on our deep concern for the field implementation of the President’s program in its aspect related to strengthening and framing foreign trade, we have begun to work with all actors to establish a new work methodology based on openness and solidarity to support producers and exporters to access foreign markets, especially Arab and African ones.”

The minister added that  “establishing export follow-up committees and supporting exporters at the local level under the supervision of the governors to remove the various obstacles facing exporters and activating the national committee to follow up on foreign trade, whose mission is to follow up and analyze the flows of trade exchanges and propose measures to reform and control foreign trade as well as the periodic evaluation of the data and proposing new measures related to rationalizing imports, promoting exports outside hydrocarbons, facilitating foreign trade, and contributing to the activation and evaluation of trade agreements.” Are among the measures taken as part of this methodology.

Rezig pointed out that, “during the past years, 42,000 importers were registered, while the import bill was estimated at $64 billion and in order to control the random method of import that was used before, the legal text related to import was amended, allowing to reduce the number of commercial registers for importers from 42 thousand to 9,600 commercial registers.

The Minister of Trade also underlined that the export process has become one of the easiest trade operations, so that the exporter can export all the products listed in the national card with the same commercial register.

Meanwhile, Rezig called on economic operators to register in the investors’ card to enable ambassadors and consulates to contribute to economic diplomacy, noting that all indicators in the various export divisions are “on the rise, and it is a positive indicator that makes us work to preserve the value of exports outside of hydrocarbons during the next year.”

It’s worth noting that during this regional export exhibition organized by the Directorate of Trade of the western province of Tlemcen with the participation of several economic operators from the country’s western provinces, four axes were addressed, namely the incentives granted by the authorities to promote exports, the reality of the legal system for export and logistics services and their effects on export and export-related problems.

The visit of the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion to the wilaya of Tlemcen also included the inauguration of the Regional Inspectorate of Trade in the municipality of Ramchi, a visit to some economic operators specialized in the production and export of carob and fabric in the municipalities of Zenata and Chatwan, and a visit to the quality control laboratory of the wilaya trade directorate

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