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Ministers Council Meeting

The President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, chaired, today, Sunday, a cabinet meeting devoted to studying and approving draft laws related to the justice, higher education and scientific research sectors, in addition to issues related to the daily interests of the citizen.

After opening the session by the President of the Republic, and listening to the presentation of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance on the government’s activity during the last two weeks, and the presentations of the ministers, the President gave orders and directives, regarding the draft organic law related to judicial organization and consultations between Algeria and the European Union.

The President also directed the government to pay more attention to issues related to citizens’ concerns.

It is worth noting that the Cabinet also approved a number of individual decisions related to appointment and termination of tasks in senior positions in the state.

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