Ministry of Agriculture: 665 points for the sale of sacrifice animals across the entire national territory

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development counts 665 points for the sale of sacrifice animals across the entire national territory that meet the prevention measures against the Corona virus epidemic, in addition to the veterinary examination of the animals, according to a statement issued today, Monday by the Ministry.

The same statement said that the latest statistics of the ministry indicate the opening of 665 points of sale for sacrifice animals in various parts of the country, including 130 points of sale at the level of the province of Algiers.

These points of sale are monitored by 2382 veterinarians and technicians in animals’ health who belong to the public sector, in addition to private veterinarians who participate in the monitoring on an individual basis, in order to provide a healthy sacrifice for the citizen.

In this regard, the Ministry calls on citizens to go to the approved points of sale to purchase the sacrifice animal that has veterinary certificates, and which was opened by a provincial decision, and to avoid the acquisition of sacrifices in places where there are no veterinarians.

In the capital, more than 130 veterinarians were mobilized to provide continuous support to the process of acquiring livestock at the level of approved points of sale, which were opened on July 6 and remain so until the eve of Eid al-Adha.

The Ministry reassures that its services ensure the full respect for the procedures and measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus at the points of sale, and it also works with the services of the National Security and Gendarmerie to impose a veterinary certificate during the process of transferring livestock from the breeder to the dealer before it reaches the consumer.

As for the location of these points, the citizen can use the electronic platform “”, which allows the consumer to accurately identify the available places of sale near him.

A total of 115 slaughterhouses will be placed at the disposal of citizens free of charge during Eid, according to the same source, who confirmed the availability of veterinary services inside these slaughterhouses in order to ensure the smooth running of the progress and the application of all preventive measures.

With regard to livestock prices, the same source expects their stability, especially in recent days, as it considered that “speculation” and the “rush” of citizens to markets contributed significantly to the high cost of livestock.

In the same context, the source confirms that the information coming to the services of the ministry by the breeders indicates that there is an “abundance” that allows price stability, starting from 30 thousand DA per head.

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