Ministry of Agriculture warns against using hard and soft wheat for animal feed to avoid monopoly and speculation

The Ministry of Agriculture warns against the use of hard and soft wheat for animal feed in order to avoid monopoly and speculation.

The press release stated, “In view of the registration of several violations related to the conversion of grain material from its original use destined for human consumption to animal feed, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development informs all producers, converters, and loyalists that these abuses and these illegal behaviors fall within the framework of monopoly and speculation cases and are punished in Law No. 21-15 related to combating illegal speculation, as is the case with other strategic materials.”

In this context, the ministry stated that it issued a statement on June 28, 2022, related to preventing the use of durum and soft wheat as raw materials for animal feed, “because of the waste that results from this behavior of this strategic product that is specifically intended for human consumption.”

The statement also pointed out that the state has provided “all solutions and capabilities to optimally take care of the issue of animal nutrition.”

Animal feed consists mainly of barley, bran, rolled fodder, fodder corn, yellow corn, silage, saffron, as well as soy flour, according to the statement, which confirmed that these materials remain available in “large quantities and at well-studied and subsidized prices, and they have also been exempted from taxes.”

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