Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry announces release of 800,000 units of rapid-acting insulin on national market

More than 800,000 units of rapid-acting insulin will be released on the national market between November and December of this year in order to cover the market’s needs for this substance, according to a statement by the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry.

The Minister of the Sector, Abderahmane Djamel Lotfi Benbahamed, stated, yesterday, Monday, during his meeting with the Algerian National Union of Private Pharmacists, headed by the President of the Union, Messaoud Belambri, that his sector has taken all measures to ensure availability and continuous supply, by injecting 450,000 units in the market during the current month of November and 357,000 units during the month of December 2021 in order to cover the needs of the national market for rapid-acting insulin, the statement adds.

With regard to enoxaparin, which is highly demanded in the market, approximately 600,000 boxes will be put on the market, more than 1 million boxes have been delivered to the central pharmacy for hospitals that is refilling its stocks in anticipation of the fourth wave of the pandemic.

The minister also announced a new delivery program directed to the city market, which includes 2,234,088 boxes until December, noting that Algeria’s production of anticoagulants will also increase thanks to the launch of a new production line during the month of December.

As for paracetamol, the minister recalled the instructions given to the ten national manufacturers in order to increase their production capabilities and release all available stocks for the benefit of distribution companies, according to the statement, noting that 9,256,362 boxes were put on the market during the period from September 23 to November 2021.

Mr. Benbahmed also announced the doubling of the national production of paracetamol in response to the large national demand which is due to the Corona pandemic.

During the meeting, the two parties agreed to follow up coordination and cooperation at the level of the National Vigilance Observatory for the provision of pharmaceutical materials, which will allow finding effective solutions and ensuring continuous availability, as well as ensuring patients’ access to health care.

The Algerian National Syndicate of Private Pharmacists renewed its commitment to the Ministry of the Pharmaceutical Industry, within the framework of consultation and cooperation, and reaffirmed its responsible position with regard to ensuring the availability of pharmaceutical materials in order to address all forms of speculation and misinformation that complicate the problem of scarcity.

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