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Mohamed Charfi: 400 violations noted since election campaign began

Chairman of the Independent National Authority for Elections (ANIE) Mohamed Charfi, reported on Saturday that 400 violation cases have been reported since the beginning of the electoral campaign of June 12 to date, adding that political parties and lists of independents have organized 6098 rallies and gatherings.

During a press conference devoted to the assessment of the second week of the electoral campaign, Mr. Charfi declared that the electoral campaign for the legislative elections of June 12 “has witnessed, since its launch, the organization of 6,098 activities, with 2,786 for political parties and 3,309 for independent lists.”

Mr. Charfi indicated that “400 violations related mainly to the anarchic posters posting and the non-respect of the sanitary protocol during rallies, which led, to send 287 warnings to candidates and 28 of which have led to the referral to the public prosecutor.”

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