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Mohamed Chorfi: Announcing results of the polls for the legislative elections may not be before 96 hours

The head of the Independent National Electoral Authority, Mohamed Chorfi, confirmed this Saturday evening, that the announcement of the polling results for the legislative elections “may not be before 96 hours, as stipulated by law,” noting that the counting process will be “complicated” compared to the previous elections.

Chorfi explained, during a press statement, that the new system for sorting “will take place in two phases, the first will be according to the lists and the number of seats obtained in each list, and the second is related to reconsidering each paper and calculating the points obtained by the candidate according to the votes of citizens,” adding that the process “is going to be complicated compared to that of closed lists.”

He added, in the same context, that announcing the results “will take more time because it takes 3 to 4 days for the counting minutes to arrive at the authority’s headquarters, and therefore the announcement of the results of the June 12 legislative elections may not take place before 96 hours,” as stipulated by the Organic Law of Elections.

The authority will, however, Chorfi added, “deploy its best efforts to reduce this period (96 hours) as much as possible, which is what voters and candidates in particular look forward to,” pointing to “harnessing the capabilities of the National People’s Army to deliver the records as soon as possible.”

Regarding the conduct of the electoral process, the head of the authority stressed that it took place in “good” conditions, as “the voters were able to perform their electoral duty to choose the candidates best suited to serve Algeria and not to serve special interests.”

Regarding the violations recorded during the electoral process by the coordinators of the National Authority, Chorfi confirmed that “nothing attracted their attention, except for one or two cases related to violating the rights of the candidates, which will be adjudicated by justice.”

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