More than 52 % of the development projects destined to disadvantaged areas have been completed.

Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, Ibrahim Mourad, announced Monday in the municipality of Ben Ziyad (24 km west of Constantine) that 52 percent of the development projects planned across the various disadvantaged regions in the country have been completed in order to meet the needs of its residents.”

Ibrahim Mourad said in his statement to the media on the sidelines of his inauguration of a project to supply natural gas to 75 dwellings in the “Rabie”  remote area within the same local community, as part of a working visit of inspection to the province of Constantine, that “the government has met 52 % of the needs of 8 million people through 15046 disadvantaged areas that were identified in Algeria through the construction of new roads and the rehabilitation of others, as well as the connection to drinking water, electricity, gas and sewage networks, in addition to providing health coverage and basic life necessities such as public lighting and sports facilities.

The funding of the projects destined to disadvantaged areas was based on various sources, such as the Municipal Program for Development, Steppe Development Program, and the Guarantee and Solidarity Fund for Local Communities allowing the use of financial allocations estimated at about 599 billion DZD, which enabled covering the recorded delay in the field of local development and alleviating the suffering of the inhabitants of these areas and removing the problems and obstacles they face in their daily life.

When inspecting the remote areas in the municipality of Zighoud Youcef (27 km north of Constantine), Ibrahim Mourad listened to a presentation on the progress of 38 development operations for the benefit of these communities, six of which were delivered, before moving to the municipality of Beni Hmidan, where he was given explanations about all projects destined to promote these disadvantaged areas.

The same official inspected, in the municipality of Beni Hmidan, the rehabilitation projects of several roads in the areas of Adaghra, Sousani and Ain Al-Hamra, and he also supervised the operation of providing a health facility with an ambulance in the area of “Safsafa”.

Ibrahim Mourad also inspected several projects of connection to drinking water and sanitation network in the areas of “Lahouima” and “Al-Chaibiya” (in the municipality of Beni Hmidan), before inaugurating the water and electricity and gas distribution networks for the benefit of 230 dwellings in the cities of Tlillani Ammar and Rabei Issa and Al-Malha in the municipality of Ibn Ziyad.

During his visit to various disadvantaged areas in the municipalities of Zighoud Youcef, Beni Hmidan and Ibn Ziyad, Mr. Mourad listened carefully to the concerns of the inhabitants of these areas to capture their concerns and assured them that the state had completed tens of thousands of developmental operations and was aware of all the deficiencies recorded in these areas and grant a great importance to alleviating the sufferings of their inhabitants.

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