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Morocco on the verge of new protests, denouncing the restriction of freedoms and hitting citizen’s purchasing power

Many trade union and labor movements in Morocco insist on engaging in more struggles in protest against the policy of restricting freedoms on the one hand, and the authorities’ insistence on hitting the purchasing power of the working class on the other hand, while denouncing the Ministry of Interior’s suspension of social dialogue with a number of labor sectors.

The regional office of the National Union of Territorial Workers and Employees and the delegated measure stated in a statement that it had decided, after examining the internal situation, which was overshadowed by the massive high price crisis and the high prices of all basic materials, which led to the deterioration of the purchasing power of the simple Moroccan citizen, in addition to the non-implementation of many judicial rulings to settle administrative files, a regional strike was launched for 48 hours.

For its part, the regional office of the National Union of Labor in Morocco, in the Casablanca region, decided to go through more struggle stations, too, at the regional level. The wave of expulsion from work and the abuse that affects them on the one hand, and the wave of high prices of basic materials and the decline in purchasing power on the other hand.

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