Mr Boughali calls on to establish a complementary mechanism to respond to immoral acts against Islam

The Speaker of the National People’s Assembly (NPA), Brahim Boughali, said on Monday that it was time to establish a complementary mechanism by the General Secretariat of the Parliamentary Union of Islamic Cooperation Member States (PU-OIC) to respond to immoral acts against Islam.

In his closing remarks at the 47th meeting of the UP-OIC Executive Committee held on 13-14 March in Algiers, Mr. Boughali said “it is time to establish a complementary mechanism through the UPCI General Secretariat to respond to immoral acts against Islam. The participants in the meeting stressed the need to unify the Muslim nation, through mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of any state, rejecting double standards and unfair accusations and false allegations against our religion.

The Speaker of the NPC praised “the efforts made by all the delegations that took part in the Algiers meeting for its success and enrichment”, wishing that “the delegations would meet again during the 17th session of the UP-OIC scheduled to take place soon in Algiers”.

The NPC Speaker stressed that the participating delegations were able, in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual trust, to reaffirm “the positions of the Member States with regard to the central issues of interest to the Muslim Nation, first and foremost the Palestinian cause”, on which he affirmed that “we will be reassured only by rendering justice to the Palestinian brothers, through the setting up of their independent State”.

Adding that “during this meeting, terrorism was once again denounced, while stressing the need to dry up its sources and fight the criminal business”, Mr Boughali said that “the participants have reached a single reading of several issues on the Arab scene that concern the Muslim Nation, its security and stability.

In this regard, Mr Boughali noted that the participants agreed to “deepen the ties of cooperation and solidarity and intensify consultation, with a view to preserving the Muslim Nation’s vital interests in the light of hazardous developments on the international scene.

The Speaker of the NPC said that the Declaration of Algiers “has given concrete expression to the unity of positions and aspirations of the common collective action”, giving an appointment for the next meeting in Algeria, with the aim of pursuing “the noble approach, in the best interests of the Muslim Nations”.

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