National People’s Assembly: Evaluating the work of the Education Committee’s inquiry mission

President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Brahim Boughali, held a meeting today, Monday,  with the Committee of Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research and Religious Affairs of the Assembly, devoted to evaluating the work of its information mission last October.

A statement issued by the council indicated that the committee, headed by Salah Djaghoul, made a presentation on the recorded results after examining the status of a number of educational institutions in the three phases, in addition to its visit to two national schools in the province of Algiers during the 11th and 12th of last October.

On this occasion, the Speaker of the Council stressed “the importance of temporary information missions and their effective role in highlighting and raising the concerns of citizens and making recommendations and proposing solutions within the limits of the role assigned to parliamentarians.”

He also highlighted the necessity of “attention to national educational institutions, especially specialized secondary schools,” urging “support for students, provision of all education requirements, and the involvement of national bodies and institutions.”

Mr. Boughali recommended – according to the same statement – holding a “meeting with the Minister of the Sector and his officials to find solutions to the problems of the education sector.”

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