November 27 elections: National Liberation Front maintains the lead and independent lists come as a surprise

National Liberation Front maintained the lead, while the independent lists caused a surprise in the elections to renew the municipal and provincial popular councils that took place on November 27, 2021.

The results of these elections, which remain temporary until the appeals are decided, resulted in the National Liberation Front winning the majority of municipal and provincial council seats, while the independent lists emerged as a key player who will run the councils it won for a five-year term.

In this regard, the FLN won 5,972 seats in 124 municipalities across 42 provinces and 471 seats in province councils.

Figures revealed by the President of the Independent National Electoral Authority, Mohamed Charfi, today, Tuesday, indicate that the independent lists won 443 seats in the province councils, in 10 provinces, making them the second political force at the level of these councils.

The same progress was achieved by these lists by obtaining 4,430 seats in municipal councils and an absolute majority in 91 municipalities across 24 provinces, to win the third place after the National Democratic Rally, which won 4584 seats in 58 municipalities across 27 provinces.

The Future Front party came in fourth place, with 3,262 seats in municipal councils, then the Al-binaa National Movement, which won 1,884 seats, followed by the Society for Peace Movement, which had 1,820 seats in municipal councils, and then the Socialist Forces Front, which won 898 seats, with an absolute majority registered in 47 municipalities across 7 provinces.

As for the lists that held alliances, they won 12 seats with no absolute or relative majority.

The electoral commission, according to the Independent National Electoral Authority, was estimated at 23,717,479 voters.

As a reminder, candidates for these elections have the right to file an appeal against these provisional results before the regionally competent administrative court within 48 hours following their announcement.

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