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Oran: Registrations for tour guides opens ahead of Mediterranean Games 2022

Oran Directorate of Tourism, Handicraft and Family Business announced the opening of registrations for Tour Guides in order to prepare them for the Mediterranean Games, set to be held in 2022 in Oran.

Registrations are open to the Local or National tour guides via the digital platform http// recently developed by Ministry of Tourism, Handicraft and Family Work, while candidates’ file are to be submitted at the Directorate of Oran, according to what was highlighted by Mourad Boudjnan, Head of the Follow-up and monitoring tourist activities Department.

The registrant for the National Tour Guide must possess certificates proving his professional qualification and a higher degree in history, art, archeology, tourism, natural sciences or architecture, and foreign languages proficiency at least in two languages, in addition to Arabic language.

As for the Local Tour Guide, registrant must hold certificates that display his professional qualification as well as a high technical certificate in the field of tourism and another proficiency certificate in at least one foreign language in addition to Arabic language in addition.

The two groups must respect other conditions such as reaching the age of 21 years old.

Oran Directorate of Tourism, Handicraft, and Family Work will study the applications, a committee at the ministry will decide, and if necessary, the registrants will trained or they will directly receive a qualifying certificate to start the activity of Local Tour Guide or National Tour Guide, according to the same source.

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