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Palestinian cause: creation of the committee to follow up the solidarity campaign in Algeria

A follow-up committee for the solidarity campaign initiated by the Algerian Red Crescent for the benefit of the Palestinian people was established yesterday, Sunday, in the capital, Algiers, following a meeting that brought together representatives of several national organizations and associations.

On the same occasion, the head of the Algerian Red Crescent, Saïda Benhabiles, confirmed that “this committee is considered an extension of the official position of the Algerian state that defends the Palestinian cause and aims to follow up and coordinate donation operations for the benefit of the Palestinian people,” noting that “the Algerian Red Crescent is the one responsible for making these donations to the Palestinian Red Crescent”.

The same committee will also, according to the same official, “collect donations and make the open day of solidarity supposed to be organized in the future through a number of TV channels.”

Recalling that the Algerian Red Crescent had granted an amount of 4 million Algerian dinars and collected about 60 tons of foodstuffs for the benefit of the Palestinian people, Ms. Benhabiles stressed that “the Algerian Red Crescent will not only collect donations this time, but will seek to put an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people.”

She went on to say, “We have decided to conduct awareness campaigns with the Red Crescent authorities for several countries in order to exert pressure on the Security Council and the United Nations regarding their policy based on double standards regarding the Palestinian issue.”

For his part, the Secretary-General of the National Union of Algerian Workers, Salim Labatcha, indicated that “the union’s offices will be mobilized across the entire national territory in order to collect the largest possible number of donations for the benefit of the Palestinians,” explaining that “Algerian workers deal with the Palestinian issue as if it were their own.”

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the National Union of Algerian Farmers, Mohamed Alioui, announced that “Algerian farmers will be recruited as usual to support the Palestinian people and support their cause.”

Also, the leader of the Algerian Islamic Scouts, Abderrahmane Hamzaoui, confirmed that “the Islamic Scouts will be on time” as well.

The president of the Algerian Federation of Citizen Employers, Sami Akli, and the head of the National Elite for Medical Sciences, Osama Kateb and the President of the Free Algerian Students Organization, Fatih Serebli, affirmed that they “will do their utmost to make this solidarity process successful for the benefit of the Palestinian people.”

In his intervention on this occasion, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Algeria, Amine Makboul, said that “the solidarity of the Algerian people with the Palestinian people is a common matter,” adding, “We have become accustomed to the solidarity of the Algerian people who have never abandoned Palestinians since the beginning of their ordeal in 1948.”

Valuing the intervention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum, during the UN General Assembly meeting, the ambassador affirmed that ” Palestinian people need this kind of speech and all this determination from Arab and Muslim peoples.”

In the end, he expressed his hope that “the Arab League conference, which will be held soon, will develop the awareness of the Arab countries and push some of them to reconsider the policy of normalizing their relations with the Zionist entity.”

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