Pharmaceutical industry: Aoun receives a delegation from the National Association of the Algerian Deaf

The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Mr. Ali Aoun, received in a meeting a delegation of the National Association of the Algerian Deaf, led by its president Ahmed Zekhref, during which they discussed the problems faced by people with hearing disabilities, said Wednesday a statement from the ministry.

The talks, held during this meeting on Tuesday, are part of the ongoing support to the efforts of civil society and particularly to the action of associations in favour of patients, the same source said.

“The discussions focused on the various problems faced by people with hearing disabilities as well as the support that can be offered by the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry in coordination with the various State institutions in order to promote the professional integration of deaf and hearing-impaired people, particularly in the various pharmaceutical establishments under the supervision of the Ministry,” the statement added.

In addition, the same source adds, awareness-raising efforts will be carried out to encourage charitable actions and fund-raising for the various associations supporting this section of the population in order to make the most of their potential and their contribution to society.

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