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President of the Republic honored by World Coalition for El-Quds and Palestine

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, was honored on Wednesday by the Global Coalition for El-Quds and Palestine (GCQP) at the opening of its 13th congress held in Istanbul, Turkey, in recognition of the role of the Algeria in the unification of Palestinian ranks as well as its tireless efforts in supporting Palestine in addition to mobilizing Arab and international support for this cause.

The trophy for this distinction was received by the rector of Djamaâ El-Djazaïr, Mohamed Maâmoun Al Kacimi in the presence of the general consul of Algeria in Istanbul, Abdelghani Amara.

The Bayt Al Maqdis World Visitors’ Conference, organized under the slogan “Allies for its liberation”, in collaboration with the Al-Baraka Association for Humanitarian Action, is being held in the presence of more than 500 participants from 67 countries as well as leaders and heads of movements, bodies and establishments in the Islamic world and number of thinkers and scholars.

GCQP SG Mounir Said stated during the opening session that “Algeria has responded to normalization by confirming that Palestine constitutes a red line while trying to bring together the Palestinian component and strengthen the presence of this cause in Algeria during the 31st Arab Summit”.

For his part, the vice president of the GCQP, president of the Al-Baraka association, Ahmed Ibrahimi, affirmed that “Algeria has taken a clear position in rejecting the crime of normalization, the Palestinian cause being a central cause for Algeria”.

“The Congress is taking place in a favorable conjuncture and positive changes inside and outside Palestine, the first being the reality of the act of resistance”, he underlined.

A reality translated by “the rejection, which could not be clearer, both in words and in deeds, of the supporters of normalization by all the countries of the region”, he argued.

For his part, the President of the Coalition, Hammam Said specified that “the actions in favor of El-Quds and the Al-Aqsa mosque require gigantic efforts to be deployed by the countries and the institutions of the Umma, in order to achieve the liberation of Palestine”.

In a speech delivered during the opening session, Mr. Hammam showed that the delegates but also the peoples were called upon “to make their contribution in favor of the resistance of the Palestinian people and to participate in their liberation from occupation and to their deliverance from the injustice they suffered, so as to enable them to return to their country”.

For his part, the SG of the International Union of Muslim Ulemas (UIOM), Ali Mahieddine Al Kara Daghi warned that “the inertia of the Muslim peoples and official institutions concerned with the Al-Aqsa Mosque is more harmful to the cause than the actions of the extremist occupation governments”, calling for the imperative of “instilling love for the Palestinian cause in our young people and our children”.

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