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President of the Republic: Major Government reshuffle to take place after legislative elections

President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmajid Tebboune, said today, Monday, that “the recent Government reshuffle that affected 06 ministries with the reduction of a number of other ministries was of an emergency nature.”, adding that a major reshuffle of the Government would take place after the next legislative elections.

“I did not want to operate a total change of government out of respect for the people. We are approaching legislative elections which will be held within the next two or three months,” President Tebboune said in his periodic interview with national media officials, broadcast on national TV and radio stations on Monday evening.

According to the Head of the State, the Government reshuffle which will take place immediately after the elections “will be dictated by their results”.

Concerning the recent partial reshuffle of the Government, the President of the Republic said that it has notably covered the energy and industry ministries which, according to him, did not yielded results on the ground, in particular as regards the citizens’ daily life.

“I have tried as much as possible to appoint new ministers. I have honoured this commitment by appointing young ministers and five ministers who were Hirak activists and whose work on the ground begins to give results.”

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