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President Tebboune : Walis urged to show spirit of initiative, boldness

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune called on walis (province governors) Thursday, in Algiers, to “get rid of hesitation” and “show a spirit of initiative and boldness,” welcoming the results achieved so far and their contribution to the settlement of the problems hindering the work of companies.

In a speech delivered at the opening of the meeting between the government and the walis at the Palais des Nations under the theme “Local development: assessment and prospects”, President Tebboune called on the walis to “free themselves from hesitation and show initiative and boldness, especially as this step is that of the strategic challenges of energy, food and water security”.

“We have taken all measures to protect and support the walis,” said the President of the Republic.

President Tebboune also stressed that he was working to “lay the foundations of the new governance through the diversification of financing sources and the improvement of management methods”. “As management methods are not static, the walis do not have to wait for central instructions”, he said.

Welcoming the contribution of the walis to the “settlement of problems that hindered businesses for bureaucratic reasons or legislative gaps”, the President of the Republic pointed out that the results of the decisions taken by the walis had made it possible, in a short time, to create between 600 and 700 micro, small, medium and large economic entities, contributing to local development.

Decisions that have also enabled, he said, “the creation of 52,000 jobs at a time when the world is facing an economic crisis.

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