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Prime Minister: 234 thousand housing units have been distributed across the country since 2020 for a million and 150 thousand citizens

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad affirmed, today, Monday, here in Algiers, that 234 thousand housing units have been distributed across the country for the benefit of approximately one million and 150 thousand Algerians, from the beginning of 2020 right up to today.

In a statement to the press, after inaugurating the ceremony of handing over the keys of 5 thousand housing units of various formulas in the capital, the Prime Minister who was accompanied by members of the government, the advisor to the President of the Republic and the Governor of Algiers, affirmed that these achievements “are considered a national duty and one of the principles of the Algerian constitution.”

Mr. Djerad stressed that “the distribution operations are deemed honorable positions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who promised in his program that housing is the basis of social justice in our country,” highlighting that “Algeria is a state based on social justice since the declaration of November 1954.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that this period from 2020 to 2021 marked the beginning of the completion of 160 thousand housing units.

Mr. Djerad underlined, in this regard, that there is “a great delay and accumulation in several areas … However, the government is working to alleviate the suffering of citizens and fulfill the promises of the President of the Republic which are documented through his program and his interventions during this period.”

From the beginning of 2020 until March 31, 2021, a program of one million and 20 thousand housing units was registered, including 218,801 units as part of the new registered programs, 667,727 units are in the process of completion, 199,753 are completed while the works for 371,721 units have not yet started, in addition to 231 577 programs whose housing units have been handed over to the beneficiaries.

The Prime Minister supervised today, the handing over of the decisions and the keys of 5,000 housing units of various formulas in the capital.

On this occasion, Mr. Djerad stated that during this operation, 25 thousand Algerian citizens were housed in the capital, by adopting the international standard related to housing 5 persons per family.

The distribution operation includes 3000 units of a lease type in the sites of Korichi in Reghaia (1400 units), Dermouche in Bordj El Bahri (600 units), Faizi in Bordj El Bahri (473 units), and Ouled Fayet (417 units out of 1500 units).

Moreover, 562 units of public lease were delivered in Semrouni and Roukhi located in Ouled Fayet and Souidania respectively, in addition to 1513 public promotional units (LPP) in Plateau Est (Ouled Fayet).

These sites were provided with various educational facilities and equipment that preserve the environment and save energy.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation inspected some of the dwellings distributed at the site of 1257 + 256 public promotional housing in Plateau Est (Ouled Fayet), where he stressed the importance of quality in achievement and the use of local building materials as well as the importance of creating adequate green spaces, entertainment areas and public facilities.

The Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation also watched a short film, showing a sample of the distributed dwellings in several regions of the country, and two presentations on the progress of the National Housing Program and the housing program of the province of Algiers.

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