Prime Minister: Reforming the administration is a prerequisite for restoring the citizen’s confidence in their institutions

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad affirmed today, Sunday, that reforming the administration is a prerequisite for restoring the citizen’s confidence in its institutions.

Mr. Djerad underlined, when giving the kick-off for study day on: “Ethics in Administration and Public Institution” at the headquarters of the National School of Administration, that this day “comes in light of a crisis that our country is going through like the rest of the world,” stressing that this crisis “is not only a health, a social or an economic crisis but it’s rather a complex and multidimensional crisis affecting values, mentalities and behaviors.

The Prime Minister pointed out the increasing interest of citizens, economic operators and social partners in the necessity of reforming public administration, which is part of the reform process that our country has undertaken adding that it’s the result of previous negative accumulations.

Mr. Djerad emphasized that “ethics are not only principles and values ​​but also a set of legal rules that should be put in place to build a coherent and credible system of governance.”

He affirmed, in the same context, that “in view of the strategic dimension of ethics, the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has placed it among the priorities of his program” and “has granted it a section related to the moralization of public life and the strengthening of good governance.”

It is worth noting that during this meeting, seminars will be organized which will followed by a discussion on several axes related to ethics in administration and public institutions, including “Ethics within the education and training systems” in addition to “the moralization of public life and the conflicts of interest” and “Ethics and economic revival”.

This study day aims to enrich the topic of ethics through the exchange of experiences and expertise among academics and professionals to come up with recommendations for drafting a charter of ethics that would develop administrative performance in Algeria.

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