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Redha Tir in a TV interview: There are illegal unions operating in the field as a result of administrative laxity and accumulations from previous regime

President of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Algeria – NESEC, Mr. Redha TIR, called for a reconsideration of trade union exercising in Algeria, adding that “there are unaccredited and illegal trade unions exercising and demonstrating in the streets, and this is unacceptable” stressing that “the government allocated additional financial budget to face Coronavirus crisis aftermaths for the working class and national economy.”

The President of the National Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Redha Tir, accused unaccredited unions of calling for strikes and demonstrating in the streets “without having any legal basis that would allow them to do so,” adding that during his interview in “TV Meeting” program on Channel Three News, these unions “are active, as a result of the accumulations of the previous regime and the administrative laxity.”

In this regard, Redha Tir considered these practices “completely unacceptable and does not have the right to demonstrate in the street and work to agitate it,” stressing that “the state is not administered from the street” calling on the authorities for organizing trade union activity in the country to “oblige each union to provide its true representation, the number of its members and all information about them, and this is in order to distinguish between the actual social partners approved in accordance with the laws of the Republic and the organizations calling for a strike without legal basis.”

Speaking about the impact of the pandemic on the national economy and the social situation of the Algerian workers, Redha Tir said, “The state has provided $ 1.3 billion as an additional financial budget to face the implications of the health crisis.”

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