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Redouane Mahfoudi to Algerian TV: “Remote” service will end obligation to be present at administrative departments

Director-General of Modernization, Documents and Archives at the Ministry of Interior, Local communities and Urban Planning, Redouane Mahfoudi, affirmed that the launch of the “remote” service, which allows citizens to deposit various files related to the administration’s prerogatives through a digital platform, comes after several steps planned by the Ministry of Interior in the field of modernization, which culminated at the end of last year by extracting civil status documents through the Internet.

Being a guest at the main news bulletin of the Algerian TV, Mr. Mahfoudi explained that this platform allows the citizens to deposit their files throughout the week and 24 hours a day without the hassle of heading to the administration through the use of electronic media.

Mahfoudi added that this platform will end the obligation for citizens to head personally to the administration services, after they had to move many times and during working hours, stressing that it comes within the health conditions that the world is experiencing due to Coronavirus pandemic, which will contribute to avoiding the gathering of people within the departments to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Director General of Modernization, Documents and Archives at the Ministry of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning revealed that this service is safe and complete and allows citizens to deposit their files immediately, which are then transferred to the relevant department adding that it is for the first official in the province and the Minister of Interior to follow up directly on all files that are or are not being dealt with.

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