Reforms plan to correct deficiencies registered in National Railway Transport Company

The Acting General Manager of the National Railway Transport Company, Karim Ayache, confirmed today, Saturday, that work is currently underway to implement a reform plan aimed at “saving the company” and “correcting the imbalances” it recorded.

In a message addressed to the company’s workers on the occasion of the International Labor Day, Karim Ayache stated that the General Directorate is “determined” to “continue implementing the reform scheme that we have recently embarked upon, which aims to save the company, improve its conditions and develop its performance.”

In this context, he pointed out that the “highest” priority has been given to reforming the management of human resources at the company level, with the aim of “correcting the recorded defect, addressing the files and abuses that accumulated years ago in the field of workers’ professional career management, and achieving justice and equality in accordance with the stipulations of the law.”

He mentioned that the General Directorate “assumed its responsibility before the workers” by disbursing the incentive grant to workers who were in service during the exceptional holiday period due to the health crisis (Covid-19 grant) in the April salary on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, announcing that the second part of this grant will be disbursed during the current month of May.

He added that “the company’s general directorate’s keenness to deal with the long-outstanding files of some workers who were dismissed, after appearing before the disciplinary committee of the concerned units, the workers concerned were granted the right to appeal legally guaranteed to them before the corporation’s appeal committee in accordance with the provisions of the procedures”, highlighting that the process is currently underway.

As for social services, the same official revealed that the process of clearing the status of these services is continuing in order to lift the reservations recorded in the accounts’ portfolios reports and soon return to a normal management position, bearing in mind that granting urgent loans and aid remains in effect according to the instruction dated November 10, 2009.

In this regard, the Acting General Manager indicated that the company is currently facing an “unprecedented” financial crisis, similar to all transport institutions across the world that have been affected by the consequences of the “Covid-19” pandemic, in addition to the financial difficulties and imbalances they have been suffering for years.

In this regard, he considered that the approach of dialogue, consultation and mutual trust is the only option “within the framework of what the law dictates and what the responsibility and trust dictates that put the company and the country’s interest first and foremost.”

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