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Sahrawi army launches new attacks against positions of Moroccan occupation forces

Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army launched new attacks targeting the Moroccan occupation forces’ positions and military installations behind the sand wall, according to military statement No. 346 issued today, Sunday, by the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense.

The Saharawi Press Agency said, quoting the statement, that “advanced detachments of the Sahrawi army bombed yesterday, Saturday, and today Sunday, the Moroccan occupation forces’ entrenchments in the areas of Akrara Lahdeed in Al-Farsiya sector, Domes in Bakari sector, Odi Al-Dhamran and Apirat Tanushad in Al-Mahbas sector, Atwagil in Umm Adrica sector, and Kaleb Al-Nass in Awsard sector, where plumes of smoke were seen rising from the targeted occupation base.

Yesterday, Saturday, advanced detachments of the Sahrawi army targeted positions of the Moroccan occupation forces in the sectors of Bakari, Awsard and Al-Mahbas, according to the same statement.

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