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Sahrawi army shelled positions of the Moroccan occupation forces in Hawza and Um Idrika sectors

Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army shelled the positions of the Moroccan occupation soldiers in the Hawza and Um Idrika sectors, according to military statement No. 627 issued by the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense today, Sunday.

The statement, which was reported by the Sahrawi News Agency (SPA), highlighted that the units of the People’s Liberation Army targeted the Moroccan occupation forces in the areas of Arbib al-Ka’a, Arkan, Kutaira and Fidrat al-Ish in the Hawza sector.

The People’s Liberation Army also bombed the entrenchments of the occupation forces in the Ross al-Kaydia area in the Um Idrika sector, the statement adds.

Yesterday, Saturday, advanced detachments of the Sahrawi army targeted the sites of the Moroccan occupation forces in the Smara and Mahbas sectors and in the areas of Ahriche Miran, Sebkhat al-Akrish, Oudy Dhamran and Akrara al-Farsik.

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