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Sahrawi Foreign Ministry condemns Morocco’s offense to the struggle of Sahrawi people and his national symbols

Saharawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned Morocco’s resort to a method of revenge and offense to the just struggle of the Sahrawi people and their national symbols, denouncing the use of humanitarian issues in its blackmail policy.

In its response to the Moroccan Foreign Ministry’s statement, yesterday, Sunday, the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry affirmed that “the Moroccan occupation state does not miss any opportunity to cause prejudice and offend the just struggle of the Sahrawi people and their national symbols, even in purely humanitarian matters, such as the situation resulting from the illness of the Sahrawi President, Brother Ibrahim Ghali, and his continued treatment abroad.”

In a statement, the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry stressed that “the fallacy, the offense and the recourse to the use of humanitarian issues in the extortion policy that Rabat adopts as a stable political approach in dealing with neighbors and with the whole world, reflects the Moroccan occupation state’s lack of the slightest argument to continue its military occupation of parts of the SADR.”

It added that Rabat’s style reflects its “intransigent and stubborn attitude towards the efforts of the international community to decolonize the region,” which led to the destruction of the UN-African settlement plan to the ground on November 13, 2020, and consequently throws the region into the furnace of war again which is likely to escalate if the UN Security Council does not take up its full responsibility in this regard.

The Sahrawi Foreign Ministry stressed that the statement issued by the Moroccan Foreign Ministry yesterday “included, as usual, false and groundless fallacies existing only in the imagination of the Moroccan monarchy, which is haunted by delusions of expansion and propensity for aggression,” noting that “this system links its legitimacy and its continued existence to the extent of its ability to export its crises to others and harm the neighbors and destabilize them as part of its firm belief about the illusion of the “Great Maghreb”, adopted in Article 42 of the latest Moroccan constitution.

The statement added that the Sahrawi people, who have been suffering from occupation for more than 45 years, “constitute the greatest manifestation of all human rights violations and crimes against humanity” practiced by the Moroccan occupation and documented by major international human rights organizations.

Accordingly, the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry called on the international community, led by the European Union within the framework of the neighborhood policies and principles framing the bilateral partnership agreements related to them, to intervene “to put an end to the continued impunity of the Moroccan regime and hold it accountable for the crimes it commits daily against the defenseless Sahrawi people under occupation.”, and its attempts to deal a blow to the stability of all neighboring countries by submerging them with drugs, strengthening the alliance of drug trafficking and terrorism in the region, and using the issue of illegal immigration and security cooperation as weapons of blackmail and barter.

It also warned that “yielding to the whims and blackmail of the Moroccan regime constitutes a reason for feeding its rebellion and arrogance and plunging the entire region into a disastrous situation.”

In conclusion, the Sahrawi Foreign Ministry reminded the Moroccan occupation state of the necessity of being well aware that “the condition of peace is linked to justice that will not be achieved except by empowering the Sahrawi people of their inalienable rights to self-determination and independence.”

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